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Get quick answers to your bail and bond questions with these FAQs from Joey Bond Bail Bonds LLC. We have over 15 years of experience helping people in New Haven and Fairfield Counties. For your convenience, we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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What is bail?
Bail permits the release of a defendant from custody that ensures his or her appearance in court for all required proceedings and hearings.

How is bail decided?
A judge will base his or her decision on a number of factors, such as criminal history, risk of flight, ties to the community, and the seriousness of the defendant’s charges.

What is collateral?
Collateral is something of value that is placed with a bail bond agent to ensure the defendant’s appearance in court. If the defendant fails to appear in court and cannot be apprehended and returned, the collateral will cover the amount of the bail. Collateral can include cash, land, buildings, vehicles, and cosigners.

Who is a cosigner or indemnitor?
Joey Bond Bail Bonds LLC requires a third party to cosign or post collateral to indemnify the bond and provide extra incentive for the defendant to appear for his or her necessary court dates. Additional cosigners may be used to cover a bond. Cosigners are often family members.

What happens if a person fails to appear in court?
A rearrest warrant is issued by the court and the defendant is considered a fugitive. Surety bail agents have the authority to take the defendant into custody. A defendant’s failure to appear also increases the chance of the indemnitor’s collateral being forfeited, as well as other penalties being levied onto the defendant.

What is an arraignment?
Arraignments are the first appearance of the defendant before a judge to address the charges and to set or deny bail. If bail is set by the judge, the defendant can post bail with cash or through a bail bond agent. If you post bail with a licensed bond agent, such as Joey Bond Bail Bonds LLC, it will only cost you a percentage of the total bond amount.

What do I need to bond someone out of jail?
You will need the fee, a cosigner, and/or collateral, depending on the severity of the charges.

What is the fee?
In Connecticut, the bail bond fee is 10 percent on the first $5,000 and 7 percent on every dollar over $5,000. Joey Bond Bail Bonds LLC offers FREE bond consultations and advice.

Do I get the fee back after the person I posted bond for appears in court?
No, the fee is non-refundable once they are released on bond.

How do I get my collateral money returned to me?
Once case has been disposed please contact us immediately. We will verify of disposal and start process of collateral return.

What information do you need from me when I call?
To get the bond as quickly as possible, we will need the following information. If you cannot get all the information, we can get it for you.

  • Name of the person in jail
  • Best contact number
  • His or her date of birth
  • Inmate number of the person in jail
  • Social Security number of the defendant
  • Address of defendant

What size of bond can you do?
We can handle any bond $500 and higher

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