PBUS Conference in Las Vegas 2017

Joey will be headed to Vegas on Friday for the annual Professional Bail Bonds conference. http://www.PBUS.com He is very excited to learn about what’s upcoming in the bail industry. He will be in conferences and meetings discussing what’s happening with bail reform and how to stop some of the new laws that are hurting the bail business. (If you don’t know what bail reform is, it is the reformation of laws to get rid of bail bondsman altogether. Bail reform could hurt public safety. Some whom have some hefty charges would be let go to roam free with little or no repercussions.) Joe has been involved in going to the capitol in Hartford and helping to fight this reform from coming to CT.

His time in Vegas won’t be all work and no fun! The insurance company that supports Joey Bond Bail Bonds, Lexington National, will be taking Joe and his wife,Tara on a awesome day trip. They will head into Nevada to shoot machine guns! This is something Joe is looking forward to! On Valentines Day, Joe and Tara will be attending the annual PBUS dinner. It is truly an awesome thing to come together with people from the bail industry from across the US.

No need to worry, Phil, John and Carmen will be on hand to help with any of your questions or bail needs.